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Disease Management programs are Health plans front line on chronic care. Continuity Health’s ALLY™ platform is designed to be the infrastructure for success. Patients may seek different providers for care of chronic conditions but Health Plans are typically the constant in patient’s health record. Your Case Managers track patient activity and trends over months and years in addition to days or weeks.

ALLY® was designed with just this scenario in mind. Easy to perform patient interactions with ALLY® Home Appliance are accessed in ALLY® Care Portal using browser technology from any computer. Case Managers can customize alert filters to elevate the highest risk patients needing attention. Upon selection of a patient of interest, ALLY® Care Portal Clinical Chart offers simple clinical representation of assessments performed synchronized with graphical vital signs data in a single screen.

ALLY® Home Appliance

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The ALLY® Home Appliance offers patients a user friendly, voice guided experience for providing feedback of current health status to their care providers. ALLY® offers your patients the flexibility of different interaction modes for gathering vital signs and questions answers during these virtual assessments. Patients may choose to complete the assigned Dynamic Health Assessment™ on daily basis but also encouraged to just submit a vital sign when they are not feeling well.

Technology and behavior barriers associated with the patient’s compliance are overcome by the ALLY® Home Appliance's simplistic design and flexible connectivity options. ALLY® Home Appliance supports an ordinary telephone line or a cellular network for upload of data to allowing you to accommodate customers in rural or urban environments.

The ALLY® Home Appliance supports the most common peripherals associated with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Diabetes (Glucometers) utilizing Bluetooth and Serial connectivity for devices.

  • Color screen
  • Large software driven buttons
  • Compact design – less than 10 oz.
  • Voice guided prompts
  • Flexible patient interaction modes
  • Measurement types:
  • Weight - wireless Bluetooth
  • Blood oxygen - wireless Bluetooth
  • Blood pressure and pulse - wireless Bluetooth
  • Blood glucose - cable/infrared
  • Peak flow - cable connection
  • Asthma - wireless Bluetooth
  • PT/INR - cable/infrared
  • ECG - wireless Bluetooth





ALLY® Oversight


ALLY® Oversight
Today’s healthcare environment is more demanding than ever.  Managing care coordination of the highest risk patients requires timely information being processed at a faster pace.  While the adoption of telemonitoring technology enables the gathering of more accurate and timely information, it creates operational challenges.

Who is going to be assigned to manage and oversee the care coordination program?

Are there enough patients in the program to justify a full-time resource?  How do we get started with a telemonitoring program?  Will the results impact the desired quality measures?  Is there a way for an organization to adopt a care management strategy for this high risk population under the guidance of experienced disease management professionals?

The Solution:
ALLY® Oversight, from Continuity Health Solutions, offers care organizations the ability to outsource the monitoring of their high risk patients to facilitate the prevention of hospital readmission while improving the quality of care delivered. 

ALLY® Oversight offers care organizations an alternative to direct nurse staffing at a predicable cost utilizing experienced telemonitoring providers.  Regardless if the program is new or established, ALLY® Oversight can adapt to meet any organization’s requirements.  ALLY® Oversight offers healthcare organizations the ability to embrace a telemonitoring program with an experienced partner for durations of 30 days or longer. 

Bluetooth Medical Devices

Ally Connected Care supports the following bluetooth connectable medical devices.   Please download the list.


ALLY® Interactive Voice Response Solution

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ALLY® IVR delivers clinical and financial results
Today’s healthcare landscape is dynamic and requires care organizations to adapt to changing regulatory pressures. Organizations must balance the adoption of new technology with deliverable clinical benefits. Continuity Health Solutions introduction of ALLY® Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution continues our corporate commitment to provide you with innovative remote patient monitoring technology that enhances your care delivery at an affordable price.

Today's challenges for disease management programs

Today’s disease management programs are limited due to an organization’s financial and clinical resources. Cost is the primary barrier which limits a program’s ability to handle the entire patient population suffering from chronic disease.

The result is a slow progression in reaching the entire chronic disease population which limits the organization’s ability to reach maximum clinical benefit.

A fresh approach:  ALLY® Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solution
ALLY® IVR extends our traditional device model of telehealth by offering an alternative method for your patients to participate in your disease management program.

Continuity Health Solution’s corporate mission is founded on the principle that an “engaged patient” is a “better patient”.  ALLY® IVR translates our Dynamic Health AssessmentTM (DHA) technology into a simple, easy to understand phone interaction. Theses assessments integrate seamlessly back into the patient record for the care team to process. An organization can now use a “blended” technology approach in their disease management program to increase the coverage of it’s chronic disease population. Continuity Health Solutions allows you to match the "technology to the patient", not the "patient to the technology".

ALLY® IVR has been clinically proven in agency with census of 300 patients.

  • Achieved  92% compliance of self assessments without additional in-service
  • Improved OASIS outcomes on M202 & M203 1 step or greater across 37% of patients
  • Performed 2 life saving interventions
  • Demonstrated Net saving $210 / patient for the episode

Click here to view entire case study results.

Call us today to discuss how ALLY® can help your organization reach your goal.


  • Low upfront cost
  • Short deployment period
  • Easy to understand voice presentation of assigned Dynamic Health AssessmentTM 
  • Functions in conjunction with ALLY® Home Appliance or as standalone module
  • Simple and familiar phone interaction for the patient
  • Outbound or inbound calling configuration
  • Supports vitals: Weight, Blood Oxygen, Blood Glucose, Peak Flow, Asthma.

Senior ALLY®


Americans are living longer today
More than any other time in our history. Family members are assuming more responsibilities for our loved ones. This is especially true for elderly family members who may be living with diabetes, heart failure or emphysema. Individuals who assume this responsibility struggle with staying informed and tire of asking their loved one to follow doctor’s instructions and keep track of their overall health status.

 It is a constant challenge trying to assimilate health records for the latest blood pressure or blood sugar level measurements on paper. Did they take their medication today? Have they needed their emergency inhaler today? How can a care giver stay informed with their patient while encouraging them to live independently?

The Solution
Senior ALLY®, from Continuity Health Solutions, was developed to solve this emerging problem facing individuals or family members assuming this role. Senior ALLY® helps individuals suffering from chronic conditions to organize their daily journal of vital signs into a secure online HIPPA compliant environment. Senior ALLY® easy to understand daily phone calls instruct individuals on how to log their vital signs through a simple phone keypad interaction. The user doesn’t need to own a computer or go online to maintain their health journal. It is as simple as answering the phone.

What good is information if it isn’t in the appropriate hands? Senior ALLY® offers individuals or allowed care givers the ability to forward summary reports to the appropriate care professionals. Users can notify any care professionals on file of reports through secure email generated through a phone key pad interaction. By providing them a summary of the patient’s journal, the people associated with the care can gain better insight of the day to day health status of their loved one.

Continuity Health Solutions Senior ALLY® is focused on keeping people more informed of their loved one’s daily health status, while empowering them to live a more independent lifestyle for less than the daily cost of a standard cup of coffee.


  • Single location for creating and maintaining online health journal of a person’s vital signs through a simple phone call
  • Prompts individual to respond to daily questions on medication adherence, physical activity, nutritional intake and emotional status
  • Allows journal entry through any touch tone or mobile phone
  • Simple phone menu distribution of reports on patient’s journal to defined physicians
  • Offers online access to authorized family members in case of emergency



ALLY® Assessment


Customize the technology to the patient

ALLY® Assessment extends our traditional model of telehealth by offering alternative methods for your patients to participate in for your organization disease management program. Founded on a principle an “engaged patient” is a “better patient”.

ALLY® Assessment translates our Dynamic Health Assessments (DHA)™ technology into a simple, web browser access for patients who have a personal computer. Theses assessments integrate seamlessly back into the patient's record for the telehealth nurse to process.

Organizations can use a “blended” technology approach in the disease management program to increase coverage of chronic population that's essentially the same as the financial resources of a ’traditional” home appliance only model. Continuity Health Solutions allows you to apply the technology to the patient, not the patient to the technology.

ALLY® Assessment Benefits

          • Low upfront cost
          • Short deployment period
          • Multiple web browser compatibility to assigned Dynamic Health Assessment™ templates
          • Functions in conjunction with ALLY® Home appliance, ALLY IVR or as stand alone module
          • Support vitals for: Weight, Blood Oxygen, Blood Glucose, Peak Flow, Asthma, PT/INR
          • Customizable Style sheet for incorporating into customer website

ALLY® Care Portal


ALLY® Care Portal

ALLY® Care Portal offers healthcare professionals the ability to customize virtual assessments unique to the patients and their chronic disease.

  • Flexible, easy to use software
  • Patient specific Dynamic Health Assessments™
  • User defined filters for quick access to your relevant patients and alerts
  • Longitudinal representation of patient assessments and status
  • Graphical representation tools for trending vital signs
  • Customized alerts and notifications
  • Browser based access
  • Internet Explorer 7 or greater
  • Safari 2 or greater
  • Device inventory tracking
  • Management reports generation
  • Microsoft Windows Technology, Server 2008, MSQL 2010 & .net platform



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