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Advanced Telehealth Solutions


urac-300x234Advanced Telehealth Solutions

Continuity Health is proud to call Advanced Telehealth Solutions a partner and a customer since 2013. Our partnership offers reciprocal services offering allowing our customers to benefit from single price point for a robust technology solution with URAC certified call center with proven outcomes for care & wellness programs.

With well over a decade of experience in telehealth, the Advanced TeleHealth Solutions team of telemedicine experts provides monitoring services and a clinical ehealth back end for businesses that are seeking telehealth solutions in order to lower heathcare costs and provide a premium care experience to patients and clients. Led by Karen Thomas, a homecare and telehealth veteran, over 50,000 patients have benefited from better health outcomes, cost savings from technology, reduced readmissions, and more efficient operations.

Advanced TeleHealth Solutions leads the way in providing a gateway to the future in healthcare using a variety of telehealth solutions for businesses, hospitals, disease management organizations, and managed care companies – offering a telemedicine solution that meets each organization’s needs and gets results without the cost of creating a new system, adding resources, or having start-up time involved.