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ally® Assessment


Customize the technology to the patient

ally® Assessment extends our traditional model of telehealth by offering alternative methods for your patients to participate in for your organization disease management program. Founded on a principle an “engaged patient” is a “better patient”.

ally® Assessment translates our Dynamic Health Assessments (DHA)™ technology into a simple, web browser access for patients who have a personal computer. Theses assessments integrate seamlessly back into the patient’s record for the telehealth nurse to process.

Organizations can use a “blended” technology approach in the disease management program to increase coverage of chronic population that’s essentially the same as the financial resources of a ’traditional” home appliance only model. Continuity Health Solutions allows you to apply the technology to the patient, not the patient to the technology.

ally® Assessment Benefits

          • Low upfront cost
          • Short deployment period
          • Multiple web browser compatibility to assigned Dynamic Health Assessment™ templates
          • Functions in conjunction with ally® Home appliance, ally®IVR or as stand alone module
          • Support vitals for: Weight, Blood Oxygen, Blood Glucose, Peak Flow, Asthma, PT/INR
          • Customizable Style sheet for incorporating into customer website