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ally® Interactive Voice Response Solution

ally® Interactive Voice Response Solution

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ally® IVR delivers clinical and financial results
Today’s healthcare landscape is dynamic and requires care organizations to adapt to changing regulatory pressures. Organizations must balance the adoption of new technology with deliverable clinical benefits. Continuity Health Solutions introduction of ally® Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution continues our corporate commitment to provide you with innovative remote patient monitoring technology that enhances your care delivery at an affordable price.

Today’s challenges for disease management programs

Today’s disease management programs are limited due to an organization’s financial and clinical resources. Cost is the primary barrier which limits a program’s ability to handle the entire patient population suffering from chronic disease.

The result is a slow progression in reaching the entire chronic disease population which limits the organization’s ability to reach maximum clinical benefit.

A fresh approach: ally® Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solution

ally®  IVR extends our traditional device model of telehealth by offering an alternative method for your patients to participate in your disease management program.
Continuity Health Solution’s corporate mission is founded on the principle that an “engaged patient” is a “better patient”. ally® IVR translates our Dynamic Health AssessmentTM (DHA) technology into a simple, easy to understand phone interaction. Theses assessments integrate seamlessly back into the patient record for the care team to process. An organization can now use a “blended” technology approach in their disease management program to increase the coverage of it’s chronic disease population. Continuity Health Solutions allows you to match the “technology to the patient”, not the “patient to the technology”.

ally® IVR has been clinically proven in agency with census of 300 patients.

  • Achieved  92% compliance of self assessments without additional in-service
  • Improved OASIS outcomes on M202 & M203 1 step or greater across 37% of patients
  • Performed 2 life saving interventions
  • Demonstrated Net saving $210 / patient for the episode

Click here to view entire case study results.

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  • Low upfront cost
  • Short deployment period
  • Easy to understand voice presentation of assigned Dynamic Health AssessmentTM 
  • Functions in conjunction with ally® Home Appliance Tablet or as standalone module
  • Simple and familiar phone interaction for the patient
  • Outbound or inbound calling configuration
  • Supports vitals: Weight, Blood Oxygen, Blood Glucose, Peak Flow, Asthma.