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ally® Outreach


ally outreach-tabletAmericans are living longer today
More than any other time in our history. Family members are assuming more responsibilities for our loved ones. This is especially true for elderly family members who may be living with diabetes, heart failure or emphysema. Individuals who assume this responsibility struggle with staying informed and tire of asking their loved one to follow doctor’s instructions and keep track of their overall health status.

It is a constant challenge trying to assimilate health records for the latest blood pressure or blood sugar level measurements on paper. Did they take their medication today? Have they needed their emergency inhaler today? How can a care giver stay informed with their patient while encouraging them to live independently?

The Solution

ally® Outreach, from Continuity Health Solutions, was developed to solve this emerging problem facing individuals or family members assuming this role. ally® Outreach helps individuals suffering from chronic conditions to organize their daily journal of vital signs into a secure online HIPPA compliant environment. ally® Outreach easy to understand daily phone calls instruct individuals on how to log their vital signs through a simple phone keypad interaction. The user doesn’t need to own a computer or go online to maintain their health journal. It is as simple as answering the phone.

What good is information if it isn’t in the appropriate hands? ally® Outreach offers individuals or allowed care givers the ability to forward summary reports to the appropriate care professionals. Users can notify any care professionals on file of reports through secure email generated through a phone key pad interaction. By providing them a summary of the patient’s journal, the people associated with the care can gain better insight of the day to day health status of their loved one.

Continuity Health Solutions ally® Outreach is focused on keeping people more informed of their loved one’s daily health status, while empowering them to live a more independent lifestyle for less than the daily cost of a standard cup of coffee.


  • Single location for creating and maintaining online health journal of a person’s vital signs through a simple phone call
  • Prompts individual to respond to daily questions on medication adherence, physical activity, nutritional intake and emotional status
  • Allows journal entry through any touch tone or mobile phone
  • Simple phone menu distribution of reports on patient’s journal to defined physicians
  • Offers online access to authorized family members in case of emergency