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ally® Oversight
Today’s healthcare environment is more demanding than ever.  Managing care coordination of the highest risk patients requires timely information being processed at a faster pace.  While the adoption of telemonitoring technology enables the gathering of more accurate and timely information, it creates operational challenges.

Who is going to be assigned to manage and oversee the care coordination program? Are there enough patients in the program to justify a full-time resource?  How do we get started with a telemonitoring program?  Will the results impact the desired quality measures?  Is there a way for an organization to adopt a care management strategy for this high risk population under the guidance of experienced disease management professionals?

The Solution:
ally® Oversight, from Continuity Health Solutions, offers care organizations the ability to outsource the monitoring of their high risk patients to facilitate the prevention of hospital readmission while improving the quality of care delivered.

ally® Oversight offers care organizations an alternative to direct nurse staffing at a predicable cost utilizing experienced telemonitoring providers.  Regardless if the program is new or established, ally® Oversight can adapt to meet any organization’s requirements.  ally® Oversight offers healthcare organizations the ability to embrace a telemonitoring program with an experienced partner for durations of 30 days or longer.