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Bundle Payment for Improved Care Solutions

Bundle Payment for Improved Care (BPCI) Solutions

The movement toward Episodic Payment Model (EPM) requires your organization to manage the care efficiently across the inpatient and post-acute care continuum.  Regardless of the collaboration approach in your community, your organization needs continued participation by your providers to yield the appropriate level of delivery quality and efficient cost containment.

Success requires four components:

  1. Steady flow of actionable data on Patient

You need to derive a constant understanding of the patient’s status across the continuum.   This varies with each organization base on your approach in the community if you are using  local service partnerships or  in house delivery of respective post-acute service silos.  CHS can help with custom aggregation and executive dashboard to supplement your EHR in tracking the required matrix     Secondarily, there will be a time period in which the patient is not in a facility and require remote care management  of their clinical status to maximize your organizations profitability for that EPM for that patient.

  1. Patients willingness to participate in your initiatives

This is the key challenge that determines success of your episode payment .  Which patients are on their own with no clinical staff for 30,60, or 90 days.  You provided them some technology but they don’t use it.  How do encourage interaction and better yet engagement.  You ask them and give them what they feel comfortable with.  Is this possible and affordable?  Absolutely.  Ally Connected Services offer your organization multiple methods of patient interaction to optimize your ability to gather and understand the patient’s clinical and social status.  Healthcare is not a one size fits all environment and we put the control where it belongs, in your organizations hands.

  1. Outcome driven, predicable cost post-acute care management for different patient profiles

What is your cost to manage your discharged or at risk population?  We identify with your organization patients are your customers and it’s personal.  This is why we customize the care design with your teams input and then implement the process using our experience in the post-actute space.   The result is a predictable cost per patient based on level of service and technology applied.  This offers your organization an optimal ROI by applying the appropriate resource and technology along the clinical pathway you have defined.   Our ally Oversight programs can be used as a bridge to your own long term self-directed program.  If you have been running a program and are achieving the clinical measures but not at a high cost.  Let us see if we can offer a lower, predictably cost for your EPM.

  1. Customized Incentive Program

Baseline understanding where you organization is efficient in the proposed care delivery.  This requires an analysis of your organizations financial & clinical process to develop a balanced incentive model for your providers across the continuum. Each organization is different requires customized solution.  CHS can provide these services for your organization.