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Post-Acute Care Plan Automation

Post-Acute Care Plan Automation

Each organization practices medicine according their clinical leadership team’s expertise and direction.  They need is a way to scale the organizations clinical initiatives across the respective population groups.  How does your team sift through the results to determine which results require action to drive improvement criteria of your clinical initiatives?   I’m sure you are asking “Isn’t that what our EHR / EMR does for us?”

EHR’s / EMR’s clearly offer value for retaining information and inpatient/ambulatory workflow.  They were not designed to automate events once the patient leaves your facility.  Some EHR software vendors may have adopted guidelines from the American Heart Association “Get with the guidelines” or on the ambulatory side ”Guideline  Advantage”  to help you apply scientifically developed care plans.  So how does your organization continue the AHA’s clinical programs after the patient is on their own?

CHS has partnered with AHA to incorporate Connected Heart® Care Pans into ally® Connected Care using our proprietary middleware, A3™ (Automation, Aggregation, and Alerts).  This ensures easy selection and assignment for your providers to allow your organization a seamless AHA scientific approach for your patient’s care upon discharge.

ally® Connected Care A3™ (Automation, Aggregation, and Alerts)  and ally® Connected Service can “bolt on” to your EHR / EMR environment offering a seamless workflow integration that adds AHA Connected Heart ally® Care Plans or the ability to create multiple, simultaneous events across multiple care stakeholders into a single custom program geared toward post-acute patient integration.  The results of the interactions are aggregated and processed through organization specific algorithms to identify only relevant, actionable events.