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Repost: Eric Dishman: Take health care off the mainframe


This is a great presentation by Eric Dishman, Director of Health Innovation at  Intel, on understanding the needs of Aging in Place generation.   It is inspirational to watch and feel his passion for his job.   I embrace his passion due to my personal struggles with caring for my parents and their challenges of managing health conditions associated with Heart Failure and COPD .   Our ALLY platform is the result of my teams efforts with their family members and our continued passion to develop solutions, not just technology, to enhance the care and quality of life of the elderly.

Adoption of by the user is the greatest risk to any emerging technology or solution.  Successful adoption will only be achieved when we as vendors must offer individuals choices of solutions that fits into their daily behavior.  Their isn’t a “one size fits all” in healthcare!    These solutions don’t always have to be expensive or cutting edge.  They can be redeployment of technology from other industries to keep cost development low and speed the time to market.

Eric is clear on one point.  One must study and understand the problem before one can develop a plan to solve it!  As a healthcare solution business owner, a biomedical engineer and a son,  Eric and I share the same enthusiasm  and vision on this topic.   If you have ideas please we would love to hear them.  Just email me at bryan.poteet@continuityhealth.com  or reach to me on any of our social networks.

Bryan Poteet


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