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successStrategy for Success

Technology alone does not solve operational problems or automatically improve the service level of your business. Only the appropriate application of the technology combined with support processes offers your organization the best opportunity for success.

Continuity Health Solutions is focused on simplifying the development process for our customers.  Pre-configured Disease Kits, User Training Courses, Patient Education Materials, and a Customer Support Portal are incorporated into our overall support strategy for your organization.

  • Preconfigured Disease Kits – Continuity Health Solutions understands the dynamics of care providers today. Time is money so we have staged our disease kits to ensure quick deployment and maximize your FTE resources.
  • Customer Training – Continuity Health Solutions’ ally® Connected Care Platform has a friendly and intuitive graphical interface facilitates user adoptions. Our two day training class taught in Dallas, Texas, minimizes your staff’s time away from their daily responsibilities.
  • Patient Education Material – We help you support your customers! You can’t be there all the time so we’ve developed education material to stay with your patients. This simple to follow guide assists you with introducing patients to self-monitoring and reinforcing compliance.
  • Customer Support Portal – Continuity Health Solutions offers our customers online access to our support portal as an alternative communication channel. This portal offers customers the ability to create and track service tickets, communicate with the support team and access a knowledge base of “Frequently Asked Questions” outside of normal hours of operations. We succeed when you succeed.