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Are you a solution provider looking to add connected biometric devices data set to your customer base?  Discouraged by the level of complexity associated with devices?  Unsure about the details associated with the logistics of delivery and returns, enabling/disabling cellular connectivity, and how devices influence your organizations status with the FDA?

Continuity has solved all these concerns for you. Since 2010, we been delivering telemonitoring technology devices, preconfigured kits and handling deployment/returns for customers who are small business to Hospital / IDN’s.  Continuity offers ISV’s a single point of integration into our FDA approved ally® Connected Care platform to empower your organization to offer connected devices with confidence.  ally® CS (Connected Services) offers your  organization to incorporate biometric connected device data from us, our partners and 3rd party API’s.   Click here to see details


Technology: API to ally CS (Connected Services) offers

  • ally® Connected Care library access to over 100 connected devices
  • Interactive Voice Response features
  • ally® Face2Face Video features
  • ally® Click2Call Voice Call (Voip)

logistics ERP for orders, return material authorization and cellular service